Today I was so excited to go home because the best thing ever is waiting for me in my house. because the other day I got this huge bag of sour patches and I am so excited to eat them. It was to seconds till the bell is going to ring I am so excited. I get my backpack and run out of our school door I run as fast as I can to my house I see the front door . I upon it go to the table and it is empty, what a surprise. I am so sad boo.

100 word challenge

Once upon a time. there was a ladder,  there where a lot of ladders but my favorite one was a red ladder. I lived at a construction site they where laying a lot of cement and pavement down on the ground. Some people brought me over to the area the pavement was getting put down. They stuck me down in the pavement that hasn't dried yet and people started climbing me I started seeing these coins dropping out of people's pockets oh no sinking coins pavement no snacks for them and lunch or dinner no nothing forever ever ever ever.

100 word challenge

Once upon a time. there was a potato chip he loved his job being a potato chip. But one day the potato chip got a new job with a new partner. he has never worked with this person before he looked so weird. Today me the potato chip had to work with the new partner. It was time to mix with him. some people started to poor the vinegar on me it was starting to soak in. Man was the vinegar to sharp it was terrible. But I just had to stick with it. man it it was bad.
100wc                                                       february 21 2019

The lost Teddy!

Once Upon a time. There was a girl. She had this teddy she loved it so much. She brought it everywhere she loved her Teddy one day she brought her teddy to the park and lost it where is it.

Teddy had no idea where he was, he was lost. Where is my owner does she miss me. It was the morning so many people were stepping on me spilling stuff on me. Then kids came one of these kids please be my owner please please be my owner. But someone stopped by me and picked me up she had soft warming smooth hands. I looked at her are you my owner and I took one more look but it wasn’t her I was so sad but she wasn’t dropping me maybe she’ll keep me. Even if she’s not my owner that is ok.


#Whatliftsyou! Written by Camille M 

Today I will be talking to you about What lifts you . what does what lifts you mean ?  lifting someone up is great but when you feel lifted up that is even better.
When I feel lifted I feel very happy. I feel lifted when I'm around my Family , friends and Teachers. 
  1.   My Mom and Dad  I feel very lifted when I'm around my mom and Dad. because when I was just starting at a new school my mom helped me through it and talk to me about some strategy's and got me prepared for it and know I love my new school.

 2.   My Brother 
I feel very lifted when I'm around my Brother because he always make's me feel very happy and always make's me laugh and put a SMILE on my face. When I'm feeling sad and down he can always lift me back up to a SMILE.

3.  My Grandparents
I feel very lifted when I'm around my Grandparents because when ever I'm doing something I don't like they can always find the fun out of it. My Grandparents reall…


Top 10 best Halloween candy and chocolate you can buy!

Hi this is Camille and  I'm going to talk about all of the top 10 Halloween candies you  can buy at your local shop. It might just be me but I love Halloween because you can eat so much candy and you can buy candy to give to people. You can also knock on peoples doors for candy and eat as much as you want . Know I'm going to tell you all the top 10 best candy and chocolate you can buy for Halloween. 

Top 10 best Halloween candy and chocolate 
1) Reese's peanut butter cups.
2) Twix
3) Snickers
4) Kit Kat
5) Butterfinger
6) 100 Grand
7) Mr. Goodbar
8) Nestle Crunch
9) Reese's Pieces
10) Hersheys

That's the top 10 Halloween candy and Chocolate that you can buy!
Thanks for reading ! 
By Camille Matlock 2018 october 18.

All about Camille !  Hi I amCamille and this is my blog, all about Camille. All post at least once a month but it will not always be about Camille ,they will mostly be about all the active stuff Camille likes  to do and how much Camille love's her  family and friends.Camille's first blog ( this blog ) will be about Camille and what she loves. First  Camille  love's to play soccer and play outside.Second Camille  love's to play with her friends and I love to go to school everyday.third I now a lot about how to play Soccer and how to do Swimming and play Volleyball.Firth I love to learn about History and to make Art and be Creative with my work. My Family, I love to hang out with my family and I love to go on trips to visit my Family and Friends and I love to have movie nights and game nights with my Family.I love to go on trips to really anywhere but I love to go to Colorado, California , New York and Hawaii. Camille  also does many Hobbies like I love to ski surf…